Pokemon Rival Klara Sword and Shield Realistic Cosplay T-Shirt

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Straight from the cosplay fitness lab is this high-quality replica of the shirt worn by our favourite poison girl rival in the expansion pack of Pokemon Sword and Shield. Paying close attention to the colours, typography, and item placement along with translating the layout for a realistic clothing style I crafted this shirt to be as accurate as possible to the source material whilst bringing it in the real world.

The shirt features accurate colours and a texturised print for realism making for the best quality shirt of it's kind. The shirt is printed onto a tee with 90% polyester and 10% spandex for a comfy shirt with a nice fit.

These T-Shirts are outsourced and dropshipped from a printing company based in Hong Kong. Production time for these Tees can take up to two-three weeks. Then they'll be marked as fulfilled once the printer ships them and a tracking number will be provided.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE SHIRTS TAKE AROUND 3-5 WEEKS TO ARRIVE FROM THE ORDER DATE. The process is so: the customer makes the order, I then process the order to the printer in Hong Kong, the printer then prints on each piece of fabric, the shirt is then stitched together, the package is then shipped from hong kong.

Size chart:

Chest: 31"-32"
Waist: 24"-25"

Chest: 33"-34"
Waist: 26"-27"

Chest: 35"-36"
Waist: 28"-29"

Chest: 37"-39"
Waist: 30"-31"

Chest: 40"-41"
Waist: 32"-34"

Chest: 42"-45"
Waist: 35"-38"

Chest: 46"-49"
Waist: 39"-41"