Upcoming appearances and events by Chris 'Cosplay' Minney of Be More Shonen

I frequently attend anime and cosplay conventions and I'm also available for guest booking as a cosplay guest, judge, or speaker. For booking enquiries please contact me using this page

Update: Covid-19 has basically put a stop to all of my upcoming 2020-2021 events. Until next year when we can be sure what is happening this page will not be updated until then.

The convention history of Chris 'Cosplay' Minney of Be More Shonen


  • March 21-22nd: Birmingham MCM Expo (UK) (Cancelled)
  • April 3-4th: Cosxpo (UK) (Cancelled)
  • May 29-31st: London MCM Expo (UK) (Cancelled)
  • July: Anime Expo (USA) (Cancelled)
  • August 1-2nd: Manchester MCM Expo (UK) (TBC) (Cancelled)
  • August 28-31st: Viencon (NL) (Cancelled)
  • October: London MCM Expo (UK) (Cancelled)
  • November: Birmingham MCM Expo (UK) (Cancelled)
  • November: DokiDoki (UK) (Cancelled)
  • TBC: Animecon, C4 Finals (NL) (Cancelled)


  • March 23rd-24th: Birmingham MCM Expo (UK)
  • April 5th-6th: CosXpo (UK) (Guest)
  • May 17th-19th: Otafest (CA) (Guest)
  • May 24th-26th: London MCM Expo (UK)
  • July 25th-August 4th: World Cosplay Summit 2019 (JP) (Alumni)
  • August 30th-September 2nd: Viencon (NL)
  • September 20-22nd: Saiyacon (Guest)
  • October 19th: Level Up! Bristol (UK) (Guest)
  • October 24th-26th: London MCM Expo (UK) (C4 Qualifier Winner)
  • November: 23rd-24th: Birmingham MCM Expo (UK)


  • November Birmingham MCM Expo (UK) (Cosplay Judge)
  • Rai Con Winter (UK) (Guest)
  • October London MCM Expo (UK) (Cosplay Judge)
  • EGX (Guest)
  • Viencon (NL)
  • Anifest (BG) (Guest)
  • World Cosplay Summit (JP) (Team UK Rep)
  • May London MCM Expo (UK) (WCS Qualifier Winner)
  • East European Comic Con (RO)
  • Level Up! Bristol (UK)
  • Brighton Beach Comicon (UK)
  • Pride Performance Open Day (UK) (Deadlift Contest Winner)
  • CosXpo (UK)
  • March Birmingham MCM Expo (UK)


  • Doki Doki Manchester (UK)
  • October London MCM Expo (UK)
  • London Science Museum Lates (UK)
  • EGX (UK) (Guest) (Official Ubisoft Rep)
  • Kitacon (UK)
  • Manchester MCM Expo (UK)
  • Worthing Comicon (UK)
  • May London MCM Expo (UK)
  • March Birmingham MCM Expo (UK)
  • Liverpool MCM Expo (UK)


  • Rai Con Winter (UK) (Guest)
  • October London MCM Expo (UK)
  • Scotland MCM Expo (UK)
  • Alcon (UK)
  • Manchester MCM Expo (UK)
  • Animecon (NL) (Bordercos Winner)
  • May London MCM Expo (UK) (Masquerade Winner)
  • Kitacon (UK)
  • Liverpool MCM Expo (UK)
  • Katsucon (USA) (Best Dressed At The Ball)


    • October London MCM Expo (UK)
    • DBZ: Resurrection F Showcase Liverpool (UK)
    • Scotland MCM Expo (UK)
    • Brighton Costume Games (UK)
    • Alcon (UK)
    • Kitacon (UK)
    • Manchester MCM Expo (UK)
    • Manchester Film & Comicon (UK)
    • May London MCM Expo (UK)
    • May BodyPower Expo (UK)
    • Bolton Comicon (UK)


    • October Play Expo Manchester (UK)
    • Scotland MCM Expo (UK)
    • Manchester MCM Expo (UK)
    • Kitacon (UK)


    • Onecon (UK)
    • Manchester MCM Expo (UK)
    • Gemucon (UK)


    • Manchester MCM Expo (UK)
    • Alcon (UK)
    • GeekClubNights (UK)


    • URBIS Manchester Manga Exhibition (UK)
    • London MCM Expo (UK)
    • Midlands MCM Expo (UK)


    • Naruto Day Manchester (UK) (Male Cosplay Runner-Up)