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Are you ready to tap into your inner Saiyan warrior? To stand proud like the Joestars? Do you want to lose fat, build muscle, and look like a character straight out of an anime for your next cosplay? I've got you covered.

Sign up for Be More Shonen online transformation coaching. Our coaching is for cosplayers and anime fans who want to make a SUPER transformation!

...from only 3 hours of work per WEEK

Anime inspired body transformation featuring incredible muscle growth and definition. Transform your physique and unleash your inner anime hero with this intense workout program

The above transformation took consistent training and dieting for only one year. It only took an average of 3 hours of training per week!

The transformation plan focusses on what's really important for developing an anime physique and improving ones health; a high protein whole foods diet, intelligently programmed weight training, and cardio that you find enjoyable.

That combination will have you become the embodiment of your favourite anime character. And you can even dominate the workouts from the comfort of your home, no gym required.

With my knowledge of training, nutrition, and mentality we'll work together. Building muscle, burning fat, or earning the mindset of an anime character. 

Join this anime inspired body transformation program and take your cosplay to the next level. With hard work and determination, you too can achieve the physique of Goku from Dragon Ball Z. Believe in yourself, and you can accomplish anything. train like a hero and become the best cosplayer you can be.

Goku was my initial inspiration to get into shape. The cosplay transformation above is my physique ten years into training. And I still only train an average of 3 hours per week! 

This isn't only about getting washboard abs and bulging biceps. It's about becoming the best version of yourself, like a real anime character. The program isn't limited to physical changes alone. You'll also become stronger, more confident, and more capable than ever before.

The transformation won't be easy. It will take dedication to track your calories. It will take discipline to hit the gym. It will take hard work to stay on track with the program. It might even be the hardest thing you'll ever do. But if you have what it takes, the results will be worth it. You'll see pounds of muscle gained and pounds of fat lost. You'll become more athletic and capable than ever before.

Here's what people say about the program:

“Chris Minney has me lifting more than I ever thought I could”

“Amazing, the most thought out training programs I’ve seen”

"I've been feeling awesome. I'm super pumped that I've hit my weight-loss goal and I can't wait to see the difference once I'm further in!"

"I would see my belly start to disappear. My abs showed up for the first time. My mental health improved, along with my outlook in life! My strength rocketed. I am now stronger, both mentally and physically than I have ever been!"

"I love your attitude as a coach. I'm not very good at taking a berating when I slip up but I value honesty and being straight. You somehow always strike the balance I need. Thanks for that 🥰"

"I just wanted to seriously thank you for all the help you've given have helped me realise that the number on the scales doesn't mean anything and have helped me learn to accept me and the fact that I can be pretty, I know I'm still working on it but this is a massive step for me...thank you so much, love you for all that you do"

Are you ready to transform? Are you ready to go SUPER? Become a real life anime character with Be More Shonen Health Coaching. Sign up now and let's start your journey towards becoming the best version of yourself.

Anime inspired body transformation featuring incredible muscle growth and strength gains. Transform your physique and unleash your inner anime hero with this intense workout program.

I was once scared of the gym. The idea of lifting weights terrified me. It was scary, but I transformed my mindset before I transformed my body. After I transformed, I walked in to my first official powerlifting meet. I won my weight class and qualified for national championships!

With a strong mindset, intense focus, and positive goals you can do great things. And I'll help you get there!

This is what you’ll get by choosing me as your online fitness coach:

  • A customised training plan that doesn't have you in the gym for hours (unless you want to be there!)
  • A simple and effective nutrition plan based on your preferences
  • A mindset plan to help you achieve your diet and training goals with nothing left to chance
  • A cheat sheet guide for getting started with fitness. Including your new shopping list for a healthier life and stronger body!
  • You will work one-on-one with me via calls and messages
  • Daily Check ins for accountability (the most crucial element)
  • Every Monday I will oversee your weekly progress. I will make adjustments to your program when needed.
  • Full form feedback 3x a week in response to your proactive updates
  • Unlimited contact between you and me via messages
  • A 24-hour turnaround on your questions on weekdays
  • 48-hour turnaround on weekends
  • Free access to all my fitness books and any future books I release

Take the plunge and go all in.
Once you go all in I will send you a questionnaire. I will use it to create your personal transformation plan! After this is complete, you will receive your plan 1-3 business days.

What are you waiting for? It's time to become the real you 👊

The pursuit of strength and fitness was the best decision I ever made. I definitely would have gotten here much faster if I had a coach who knew their craft.

For those of us who want to become anime characters instead of living through them, this is for you.

I offer a ​100% money back guarantee if you don't see results, lets get Super Saiyan strong 👊