Super Saiyan Son Goku cosplayer from DragonBall Z helps people get fit and improve their lives using anime as inspiration

My name is Chris 'Cosplay' Minney & the purpose of Be More Shonen is to document my ongoing journey to reaching my final form & to help a million other weebs like myself do the same

I wish to do this by combining the stories of anime and manga with tested self-help principles, proven exercise science, and my particular style of humour

You can be the hero of your own story; Be More Shonen

Anime training program for weebs. The Super Saiyan Six is a dragonball inspired weights workout to help otaku get in shape and become the fittest and strongest version of themselves

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For every fat kid who got bullied in school who wanted to look like Goku, this book is for you

In this book:

-How training just 3 days per week can give you a body like your anime heroes

-The six best movements to build mass and strength

-A primer on nutrition that restricts no food type

-How anime can help empower you

This is a book for weebs written by a weeb and it's absolutely free. All it costs is an e-mail, the more jacked weebs the better!

It’s time to stop living vicariously through these characters, it’s time to Be More Shonen.