First you embrace the cringe, then you get the freedom!

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We hate drama
It’s one of the least useful and toxic things a person can engage in.

Positivity, kindness, and optimism will save the world

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A lot can happen for your fitness just 6 months! For Goku, a lot can change in a day! But us mortals might have to be a bit patient. It might take longer than we'd like, but it'll happen much faster than it sounds.

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There's a lot of talk about when DragonBall was meant to end, most of it baseless, however!

If Toriyama had chosen to end it at the Cell Saga? I can't think of a more 'PERFECT' (pun intended 😉) way to end it!

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You might of heard this before. Is it really about calories? What about hormones? Thyroid problems? Food quality? Lets take a look at what Tony Youn has to say!

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