You cannot afford to have doubts ⭐️ Joseph Joestar Cosplay

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You cannot afford to have doubts ⭐️ Joseph Joestar Cosplay

If your favourite artist believed in themselves any less then you would have never heard of them because they wouldn’t exist

If you would rather watch than read:


If Akira Toriyama quit after he lost his first art contest, then there’s no DragonBall. And therefore no One Piece, Naruto, or Bleach. Or at the very least, they’d be such different products they wouldn’t be able to be compared


If Araki had never been inspired by Fist of the North Star then there’s no Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and therefore all those Jojo references cease to exist and every series that contained one just wouldn’t be the same


If Isayama had quit pushing for Attack on Titan at the first sign of trouble, and there were plenty to come, we wouldn’t have one of the best stories ever made and all the stories that will come to be inspired by it


If any of your legends and heroes believed in themselves any less not only would they not have succeeded, but the echoes of their success would not be felt by the works inspired by that success


It makes me so sad to think of all the masterpieces that exist nowhere but inside somebodies head because they were too scared to release it into the wild


Ask yourself; what gifts are you hiding from the world? What would you be doing if you knew you absolutely could not fail?


And if you’re lucky to be alive, then why the hell aren’t you making it?


Make that game, write that story, draw that comic, play that song, whatever it is DO IT


You only have one shot at this & the time is gonna pass anyway


You may as well give it your all

Joseph Joestar cosplay from Jojo’s Bizarre adventure flexing his arms

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