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There will be times when you need to be like Goku, and times where you need to be like Vegeta

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A lot can happen for your fitness just 6 months! For Goku, a lot can change in a day! But us mortals might have to be a bit patient. It might take longer than we'd like, but it'll happen much faster than it sounds.

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3 days ago was Goku day (5: GO / 9: KU in Japanese), today is my birthday. I have a lot to say about how much this character changed my life!

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Fuck New Years goals, take a skills first approach

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Goku goes into a gravity chamber, sets it to 100x earths gravity. He gets strong & becomes a Super Saiyan.

Vegeta sets it to 500x earths gravity. He gets strong but not as strong as Goku & can’t become a Super Saiyan.

Why? It's the backwards law.

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