5/9 = GOKU DAY | Cosplayer Explains How Goku Changed His Life

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5/9 = GOKU DAY | Cosplayer Explains How Goku Changed His Life

🔥5/9 = GOKU DAY | 5/12 = ANOTHER GOKU DAY🔥

3 days ago was Goku day (5: GO / 9: KU in Japanese). It's also the day that he saved the earth from King Piccolo in the original story, how's that for an epic easter egg?

Now that I've grown up and become my own person it's somewhat hard for me to emphasise just how much this character means to me and how much he's shaped who I am.

Coming home from school, going to my Nans house, & watching Goku go from strength to strength whilst remaining wholesome and having a fun fulfilling life is what inspired me to live an 'anime worthy' existence and chase my own dreams. It's literally what 'Be More Shonen' is about!

Twenty years later and I pose for kids in this cosplay, the kinda kids who need a hero to look up to just like I did. They ask me for advice on their struggles, ask me how to train and eat to get stronger, and look to me for guidance. I think the 10 year old me would be thrilled to know that, that we would become our own hero (mentally and physically).

I still have a lot of demons inside me even now. Although I'm constantly transforming, I'm not perfect and I mess up all the time. I sometimes treat people in ways they don't deserve, give in to anger, short-term gratification, and stray from the path.

And even as a 32 year old man every time I screw it up, I think of this guy. The guy I choose to be; an aggressively wholesome dumbass with a love of the simple things who never stops trying to get better 👊

3 days ago was Goku day, today is my birthday. Happy birthday to me! Here's to another year of trying to get stronger!

Why is 5/9 goku day? Goku cosplayer from Dragonball explains the meaning behind goku day and how many peoples lives have been touched by goku, including his own, here is a selection of some of his costumes including super saiyan god, battle damaged super saiyan, the suit from the end of Z, and mastered ultra instinct

Cosplay: Son Goku
Series: Dragon Ball Z
Fitness Coaching

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