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I always struggle to rank the parts of this series, I love them all for different reasons. To me they're all 10s.

So I compiled the rankings from My Anime List (MAL is the gospel of anime rankings, trust me bro) and used them as a bit more of an objective base to sort out my own ranking.

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Goku goes into a gravity chamber, sets it to 100x earths gravity. He gets strong & becomes a Super Saiyan.

Vegeta sets it to 500x earths gravity. He gets strong but not as strong as Goku & can’t become a Super Saiyan.

Why? It's the backwards law.

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You have everything to gain from breathing properly during a lift, in fact you probably shouldn’t lift if you’re not going to breathe correctly!

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All photos were taken during '21, my heaviest was Feb @ 100kg & my leanest was Oct @ 88kg. Going from being fatter than I wanted to be to not as lean as I would have liked to be 😅

Here are the advantages to each 'form'

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If you watch anime YouTube or any other anime content creator, you need to care about this 🙏

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