FLAMINGO AESTHETICS - Anime Hoodie/Hooded Gym Stringer

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From cardio to cosplay & lifting to streetwear, this anime inspired clothing collection is designed to compliment you & your physique in cosplay, the gym, or the streets. It doesn't matter if you're hauling weights or heading to that convention breakfast: we'll know you're the main character. Represent YOUR lifestyle!

Straight from the cosplay fitness lab is this high-quality bright and minimalist gym design for anime fans and fitness enthusiasts who wish to #BEMORESHONEN in the gym, in cosplay, and in real life. This design is sure to stand out with its strong typography-based graphic design and its light aesthetic. 

Custom printed for an all-over print with 90% polyester and 10% spandex for a comfy hoodie with a nice fit.

These hoodies are outsourced and dropshipped from a printing company based in Hong Kong. Production time for these hoodies can take up to two-three weeks. Then they'll be marked as fulfilled once the printer ships them and a tracking number will be provided.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE SHIRTS TAKE AROUND 3-5 WEEKS TO ARRIVE FROM THE ORDER DATE. The process is so: the customer makes the order, I then process the order to the printer in Hong Kong, the printer then prints on each piece of fabric, the shirt is then stitched together, the package is then shipped from hong kong.

Size chart:

Chest: 32"-34"
Waist: 28"-30"

Chest: 34"-36"
Waist: 28"-30"

Chest: 37"-39"
Waist: 31"-33"

Chest: 40"-42"
Waist: 34"-36"

Chest: 43"-45"
Waist: 37"-39"

Chest: 46"-48"
Waist: 40"-42"

Chest: 49"-51"
Waist: 43"-45"