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This listing is for a made to order wig of the pictured hairstyle. This is a 50% initial payment including 50% postage and packaging from the UK to the USA. This wig is to be styled by end of November 2024. Once the wig is complete the final payment will be due. The item will be shipped within 3-5 working days following final payment.

Along with the product buyers will received one (1) FREE wig cap. One (1) FREE digital copy of ‘Nomes’ basic guide to wig wear and care’ is also available upon request.

By purchasing this listing you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Be More Shonen agrees to complete my commissioned project based on the following criteria. Be More Shonen promises to always do their best to create quality products for their clients.
• I, the commissioner, understand that I am expected to pay 50% of the total cost of the commission (which includes the materials costs), which is non-refundable, before the start of the project.

• I understand the final 50% of the total cost of the commission plus shipping plus any customs charges should they arise is due on completion of the project prior to the project being shipped/handed over. If I do not pay within 1 month of project completion, Be More Shonen has the right to reclaim and sell the commissioned item.

• Be More Shonen is not responsible for items lost or damaged in shipping, and I am aware that I have 5 working days to ship back damaged items if I want them repaired free of charge. Shipping is always paid by me, the client.

• Should I decide to cancel this commission part way through I acknowledge that any payments made up to the point of cancellation are forfeit to Be More Shonen. In this case the product regardless of the state of completion will not be shipped to me.

• Should Be More Shonen fail to complete the commission by the agreed deadline I have the right to request a full refund of all payments to date in lieu of receiving my completed item.

• Be More Shonen reserves the right to display any photos they take of this commission as they see fit. With permission, Be More Shonen would love to show photos of the completed items in action whether it’s a full costume, a prop, wig, or just a piece of the costume however this may not happen unless I, the commissioner, give permission in writing. Be More Shonen appreciates where possible being credited in all images of the commissioned item that are available in the public domain.

• I understand that returns/refunds are only accepted under the condition that the item or items are made incorrectly. Refunds on items that are damaged due to shipping, natural wear and tear, improper care will not be refunded.

• I understand that all characters, series, and general merchandise belong to their respective owners please support the official release. Be More Shonen does not own or claim right to any of the characters to which they are replicating through costume, prop, accessory, hair, and so forth. In the event of legalization against costume creation Be More Shonen will no longer accept commissions for those series and characters.

• Original Characters(OC) and Designs (OD) are the property of their respective owners. In the event of a cancellation of an OC or OD commission Be More Shonen will reconfigure the character in question so as to respect the property of the related owner before resale at which point the altered design becomes Be More Shonen’s property. Designs created through Artistic Freedom become property of Be More Shonen.

• I understand that should I choose to sell on the commission I am obliged to inform the new buyer that the commission was created by Be More Shonen. I will inform the buyer that should they then sell on the product again that they and any future owners are obliged to keep new owners informed of the origin of the product and should under no circumstances pass the work off as their own.

Thank you for viewing my listing. For further examples of our work you can follow us on Facebook (, Instagram (@BeMoreShonen / @nomes_cosplay for wig portfolio) and TikTok (@BeMoreShonen).