HYBRID TRAINING: How to combine multiple fitness disciplines (The Anime Way)

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HYBRID TRAINING: How to combine multiple fitness disciplines (The Anime Way)

Goku is an ideal

Great stamina, lifts, excellent martial artist, a master of callisthenics, and flexibile to boot

That’s not possible...right?

Not to the degree of Goku, no. However, combining multiple forms of exercise or stimulus into a program that actually works is very achievable

Stacking programs, the default way people do this, is a fools game. You’re gonna get mediocre results if you don’t get injured, Here’s what to do instead.

Think of the term ‘stacking of stimulus’. Every form of exercise that stimulates the same energy systems of the body gets its own day in order of priority.

So using the Super Saiyan Six program and splitting it into upper and lower body days we get something like:


-2x6, 1x6+ Squat

-2x8-12 Calve Raises

-20 minutes of martial arts

-Flexibility training



-2x6, 1x6+ Bench

-2x6, 1x6+ Seal Row

-15 Minutes Hand Balancing/Callisthenics

-100 SledgeHammer Swings


The only exception is long duration cardio like distance running, that needs its own day. You don’t want to break down muscle tissue on a day where your body is likely to use anything it can to fuel your training. My recommendation is to keep a day of rest each side for the lower body if you’re gonna include distance running.

Master all forms of exercise, Be More Shonen

Ultra Instinct Son Goku Cosplay From Dragon Ball Super
Cosplay: Ultra Instinct Son Goku (DragonBall Super) 

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