What Would You Do If Your Life Was An Anime?

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What Would You Do If Your Life Was An Anime?

 It sounds like a meme but I’m being serious lol

Cameras are on you 24/7, you’re now a main character. The show is about you, and your struggle to achieve your greatest goal. It’s going to be viewed by thousands of people who want to catch you in the act of it all

Would your story be the life you’re living now? Or something else entirely?

If it’s the former, then start living as if you’re the main character in a grand story Set ‘unrealistic’ goals, craft an uncommon path for yourself, act as if there are people watching everything you do, and give it your damn best shot Write that book, make that movie, become the king of the pirates, or a Pokemon master

Live life like it’s your own anime, be more shonen

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