An Anime Fan's Guide To Eating More Vegetables As A Fussy Eater

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An Anime Fan's Guide To Eating More Vegetables As A Fussy Eater

How to eat vegetables if you're a fussy eater. Anime inspired guide for weebs who want to get healthy

Something people may not know about me is that I was a long term 'sufferer' of the eating disorder 'SED' (Selective eating disorder), basically a fancy way of saying I used to be a fussy eater.

But it was extreme, I lived off nothing but sausage and rice for about...12 years? My diet didn't get much better until I adopted the fitness lifestyle in my twenties after being inspired by my anime heroes. These were some of the strategies I used to make vegetables tasty/tasteless and I'll still use them today.

Before all else, you've gotta change your mentality. You've got to tell yourself that this is good for you and that this isn't an option for you if you want to get healthy. I know, this is easier said than done. I used to be so averse to eating vegetables when I first started training, I couldn't stomach them whatsoever. I was aware that it was good for me but I couldn't convince my body to accept what I was putting into my mouth was a good thing.

Then one day I got this really foul tasting BCAA supplement. It was expensive so I didn't want to waste it and I would be holding my nose choking it down for the sake of 'fitness'. My girlfriend at the time then rightfully said 'surely that tastes worse than vegetables which you know are good for you?' and all of a sudden my mentality switched. I was willing to sacrifice many things for my fitness and physique, and eating vegetables was surely possible.

So I asked myself; what would a protagonist do? Would they continue complaining or would they find a way to get stronger? Armed with this new found motivation to conquer my green fibrous enemies I looked into how I could make them tasty or at least tasteless so I could include them in my meals such as wilting spinach into stir frys to make it undetectable, boiling root vegetables in sauce to get rid of it's jarring crunch, and blending greens into a smoothie or shake to remove that texture (which for me was the biggest trigger of my gag reflex at the time).

It's easier said than done and sometimes I do still relapse somewhat but I am LEAGUES ahead of the former me. I hope you picky eaters can find some use out of this! My favourite easy smoothie is; 200g spinach, a scoop of protein powder, a frozen banana, and a cup of ice all blended together.

Goku cosplayer who used his admiration for the DragonBall character to overcome his eating disorderGoku from DragonBall Z and his 'never give up' attitude motivated me to overcome my eating disorder for the sake of my goals

That's all for now guys, Be More Shonen⠀

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