A Power Level Of 2: Fuck Your Genetic Potential (Lessons From Goku)

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A Power Level Of 2: Fuck Your Genetic Potential (Lessons From Goku)

On fitness forums the topic of genetic potential always seems to crop up sooner or later. People want to know what the natural limit is for strength, performance, & hypertrophy.

As an overweight child who became an even more overweight child when he found digital media, for the majority of my young life I thought I was un-athletic. I got picked last for team sports unless it was as an anchor in tug of war and I was always the goalie in football. If you were a fat kid, I’m sure this resonates with you

Flash forward 1-2 decades later and its a night and day difference. I’m an advanced lifter who can sprint faster than most with an above average 5k time & I remain at 8-12% bodyfat

So what changed? Well to clarify, it wasn’t my genetics. I know because I had them tested with 23andme 3 years ago

My genetics were always suited for athletics. I have a variant of the ACTN3 gene which is common is elite power athletes. In fact almost all elite power athletes have the CC or CT variant of ACTN3. That essentially means my fast twitch muscle fibres are dominant, giving me a predisposition to excel in explosive movement

But that fat panting kid with zero stamina who was being laughed at had those same genetics, yet it amounted to nothing in the real world

So what did change? It was my mindset

I started telling myself I could do anything. That no matter what my genetic pre-dispositions were it didn’t matter because I could overcome it. And that philosophy set me free.

On the opposite end of that I actually have a genetic predisposition to obesity. I have the gene C-889T which is associated with a higher bodyfat percentage. Yet despite that I remain leaner than most of the population. Once again: it’s all about mindset

It's not about your genetics or your natural talent. That's just where you start. Just like Goku's born power-level of 2, you too can achieve great strength no matter where you start.

So fuck your genetic limits, just push your limits. That’s the only way for sure you’ll know what you’re made of.

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Have a nice day guys and always remember: Be More Shonen

Ultra Instinct Goku cosplay from DragonBall Super
Cosplay: Ultra Instinct Goku (DragonBall Super) Photo: Me and Keanu Berkeley 

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