Advice For The Beginner Lifter: Live Like A Saiyan

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Advice For The Beginner Lifter: Live Like A Saiyan

I had a follower who messaged me asking how to get back on the fitness wagon after falling off. I felt like the advice could be useful to all my followers, so with a few tweaks here it goes:

My advice for the beginner lifter is to accept that some discomfort is going to come your way but also know that it might not be as hard as you think right now and you will learn to love it.

Follow the basics and use a 3 day a week full body workout (use my free training program the Super Saiyan Six). Cardio is optional but I find it hard to not recommend a 30-60 minute walk on rest days. Eat well and within your calories but keep treats in the plan so you’re not setting yourself up to fail. Keep your protein high with meat, eggs, dairy, and eat a good amount of veggies and fruit. Don’t starve yourself too hard if you’re dieting and don’t feed yourself too much if you’re bulking, slow and steady progress is what you need rather than extremes. 

Remember to sleep too, most people neglect that part. 7-9 hours for most people is golden, I’m a 9 kinda guy.

It’s fun, it’s healthy, and it’s the right way to live. Health first, strength second, and everything else in life falls into place if you approach it with the same intensity.

Be like a Saiyan. Eat, train, laugh, sleep, repeat.

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Son Goku cosplay from Dragon Ball GT

Cosplay: Son Goku (DragonBall GT) Photo: Anna S (Taken at Animecon 2016)

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