Advice For Weebs: What It REALLY Takes To Reach Your Fitness Goals

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Advice For Weebs: What It REALLY Takes To Reach Your Fitness Goals


Be it diet pills, eating peanut butter for fat loss, 6 meals a day, the ketogenic diet myths, drinking piss, or anything else that seems utterly insane.

When I start to think I’m preaching to the choir I hear something so outlandishly false or hair brained that I have to speak up. What was the most recent one? Oh yeah, blood type diets. Sheesh.

Lets cut through the noise and discuss what really works when it comes to getting in shape:

This is what it takes to reach your fitness goals:⠀
A gym (Or not!)
A focus on progression
Hard work
A calorie surplus for muscle gain
A calorie deficit for fat loss
Enough daily protein
7-9 hours of sleep per night

These are things that make it easier to reach your fitness goals: ⠀
Protein powder

Extra’s that make for a more pleasant experience in their own context:
Squat/Running Shoes
Weightlifting Belts
MyFitnessPal and other tracking apps
Wearables and smart scales

Everything else? Everything else ranges from being slightly useful, useful given context, or a manufactured need from a ridiculous industry full of charlatans and salesmen. ⠀

Remember the basics, they’ve stood the test of time for a reason.

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Have a nice day guys and always remember: Be More Shonen

Firefist Ace One Piece Cosplay
Cosplay: Portgas D Ace (One Piece) Photo: Jamie Flack (Taken at Viencon)

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