Be careful when ordering cosplay from Aliexpress (2017)

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Be careful when ordering cosplay from Aliexpress (2017)

We all make mistakes, some are more hilarious than others. Keeping the store anonymous as they were incredibly helpful after the fact I once ordered a pair of Goku’s RoF boots from Aliexpress and instead I got a prom dress.

How did I look?

I sent that photo alongside my order details to the shop owner who was incredibly apologetic and they let me keep the dress and sent me another pair of boots. I didn’t mind, but this slight delay meant I couldn’t cosplay the version of Goku I wanted at that con. My advice to those ordering their cosplays online is to leave a bit of breathing room for the mess ups that may happen, otherwise you might be wearing something else to the con ;)

This dress is super flattering to my arms tho

Drag Goku in a dress from DragonBall Z cosplay cringe malfunctionIt shapes the arms nicely but what you can't see is the back of the dress where it won't zip up over my wide back! 

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