BE MORE SHONEN - DBZ Cosplay Fitness Saiyacon 2019 Panel

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BE MORE SHONEN - DBZ Cosplay Fitness Saiyacon 2019 Panel

Saiyacon 2019 in Milton Keynes UK was a fantastic experience, it was a pleasure being a guest judge alongside my partner Nomes Cosplay and to be named as Saiyacon's official Goku. I Can't thank the higher-ups enough for the opportunity!

I feel like I met a lot of new and amazing friends with memories that I'll treasure forever, amongst those memories was delivering my panel "BEMORESHONEN".

This is the 8th time I've ever delivered a panel and when I think back to my first ever panel at Kitacon '14 it's a night and day difference which I'm pretty proud of. Public speaking doesn't come naturally to me so to make something even half coherent is a very worthy goal haha.

To everyone who saw this live thank you very much. For the rest of you, thanks for watching!

Dragonball cosplayers all beat up goku for being a bad fatherMy favourite cosplay photo taken during Saiyacon weekend, all the evil Saiyans (and Gohan) beating up Goku for being a bad father

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