Being The BIGGER Man: Why Goku Vs Moro Is GENIUS | BE MORE SHONEN: DragonBall Super 66 Review

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Being The BIGGER Man: Why Goku Vs Moro Is GENIUS | BE MORE SHONEN: DragonBall Super 66 Review

The most controversial thing you can say in the era of modern Dragon Ball is 'I like Dragon Ball Super'

After my review of last months chapter I got dozens of DM's and comments literally trying to convince me that it was bad and that I shouldn't like it. 
This is the part I don't get, if somebody likes something why would you want to convince them that it's awful?

It's cool if somebody doesn't like something, I will never try to convince them otherwise unless they want a dialogue about it. But please when somebody makes a long video essay dissecting a story, it's themes, it's hidden meanings, and call backs don't just respond with 'nO iT's BaD cOs GoKu ShOuLd LeArN'

This is what this essay is for. After the ending of Dragon Ball Super's Moro Arc I dissect Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 and it's relation to Taoism, enlightenment, being the bigger person, and becoming a person who leaves things and people better off than when they found them.

Moro could have been the next Piccolo, Vegeta or Oob, the next ally of Goku. Instead, he's a pile of rocks. Goku won by being the bigger man, with energy from former rivals Piccolo, Vegeta, and Oob.

If Goku had not been the bigger man throughout this story he would not have had their help and he would not have been able to defeat Moro. Goku was, and always will be, the bigger man.

My honest opinion on people that didn't enjoy this arc; you're either missing the point of the story or the show isn't for you anymore because you've grown out of the very simple message the story is trying to put across; the right thing is always the right thing.

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Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku cosplay from DragonBall Super
Cosplay: Mastered Ultra Instinct Son Goku (DragonBall Super)

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