Bitchy Dragon Ball Super fans and predictions for DBS Broly

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Bitchy Dragon Ball Super fans and predictions for DBS Broly

Before the release date of DBS Broly but after the first trailer was released I had made some pretty funky predictions about the movie, most of which actually came true!

You can see the video here:

Things I correctly predicted:

1.A good idea hinges on it’s execution & people who thought they’d hate this movie ended up loving it

2.Paragus controlling Broly with the collar

3.Whilst similar elements of the old Broly remain it’s new enough for him to be considered a new character

4.Broly gets stronger as he fights in the trailer and his sudden yellow eyes must have something to do with it

5.Paragus and Freeza do a deal/have an affiliation 

6.There will be a segment based on planet Vegeta and the Saiyans days pre-DB

7.The Dragon Ball Minus origin story will make an appearance 

8.The hand on the Saiyan capsule is Bardocks as he sends Goku to earth

9.There’s a wish that’ll be made in this story

10.Gogeta will appear

Things I was majorly wrong on:

1.Potential scenario where Paragus wants revenge on Freeza

2.Goku and Broly were the kids in the tubes

3.Goku will go Ultra Instinct to fight Broly after Gogeta defuses 

4.The final fight scene will resemble the original movie 8 with Goku putting his fist through Broly

5.I did state that I didn’t know if Broly lived or not. None-answer, so it goes here

Listening to old fan theories after the story is finished is always fun though I’m more used to seeing how outrageously wrong I am rather than right. I guess I’ve studied Dragon Ball long enough at this point eh?

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