CALORIES ARE BROKEN? Jojo Responds To Tony Youn

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CALORIES ARE BROKEN? Jojo Responds To Tony Youn

🔥 CALORIES ARE BROKEN? Response to Tony Youn🔥 

My original video response:

You might of heard this before. Is it really about calories? What about hormones? Thyroid problems? Food quality? 

Hormones might make it easier to store fat, thyroid issues might effect your metabolism, genetic pre-dispositions with our poor food environment might encourage obesity, & low quality foods might be easier to store as fat.

But the reason why is still down to caloric expenditure and calorie intake, these things are issues because they effect what calories you expend and how many calories you consume & utilise. That’s not to say weight loss is easy, these things certainly make it harder and in some cases almost impossible without medical intervention. But it’s still the underlying process responsible, and it’s reasonably simple.

If you don’t have the calories to store as bodyweight you can’t store bodyweight, if you think otherwise please tell the starving nations of the world what your cutting edge strategy is because they’re literally dying for it. Fat is stored energy, you can’t make energy out of nothing.

Understanding and accepting this fact is the first step towards positive change in regards to your body composition. You can’t implement a strategy without knowing how the problem works and expect to see results. Tony Youn as far as I can tell is a good guy and not trying to scam anybody, I agree with the intent of his message, even if it is factually faulty. Billions have been made by charlatans selling you ‘the real truth’ behind obesity and fat loss and none of them could pass GCSE biology with their answers. Don’t fall for it, the science behind this is very understood, even if it’s difficult and even if it’s unfair. 

It’s definitely harder for some to lose weight, but I believe you can do it. All you need to know is that it’s possible, never stop trying 👊

Joseph Joestar cosplayer from Jojos Bizarre Adventure explains how to lose weight and get in shape by using money as an analogy against Tony Youn
I think it's best to think of calories like money. Due to circumstances within and without our control, some people have more than others. But we still have to budget it to get a desired result!

Cosplay: Joseph Joestar
Series: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
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