Cosplay is for FUN (Otafest 2019 Vlog)

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Cosplay is for FUN (Otafest 2019 Vlog)

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Something that I think all of us in the active weeaboo community could do with remembering more often is this:

Cosplay is for fun.

You can make it a job, a passionate hobby, or an outlet for your creativity. But in the end…

Cosplay is for fun.

This year I got to guest judge at Otafest, a convention in Canada that’s thousands of miles away from my home, amongst the judging slots I got to judge the Canadian C4 qualifiers, a qualifier for one of the most prestigious international cosplay contests in the game. And despite how prestigious this may sound, I did it all as a Super Saiyan in a Sailor Scout Uniform.


Sailor Scout Goku Cosplay On Stage at Otafest 2019

Cosplay: Sailor Scout Goku (DragonBall Z + Sailor Moon)

Why? Because Cosplay is for fun

In the cosplay culture all too often we take ourselves too seriously. I’ve seen people have full-on meltdowns over their makeup going wrong, parts of their costume falling off, or because they didn’t win the contest they set out to.

Well, I’m here to tell you that cosplay doesn’t of mattes if you’re not having fun. Because Cosplay is for fun

Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t set goals for yourself, or that competitive cosplay shouldn’t be taken seriously, just don’t take yourself or the result that seriously. Be process-oriented instead of outcome-oriented, the process should be fun, and the outcome is out of your control.

So let go and be ridiculous. You already are anyway, after all you’re dressed as anime characters. And remember...

Cosplay is for fun.


Sailor Scout Goku Cosplay Training at the Gym during Otafest 2019
Hitting the gym in cosplay: Sailor Scout Goku (DragonBall Z + Sailor Moon)


Plus my arms and thighs look pretty damn good in weeb-drag! Have a nice day guys, and always remember: #BEMORESHONEN

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