Cosplay Is Punk AF: Similarities Between Both Sub-Cultures

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Cosplay Is Punk AF: Similarities Between Both Sub-Cultures

Think about it for a minute, cosplay is punk

It's counter-culture! Cosplayers stand out like a sore thumb to the mainstream, we are a sight to behold. Over time we've created out own breed, our own sub-culture.

It's undoubtably creative! From resource selection to character design, cosplay oozes creativity.

It's emotionally charged! People pour their soul and energy into cosplay and becoming a character that they truly resonate with.

Crazy hair! As my girlfriend wig maker Nomes Cosplay can tell you (as a professional cosplay wig artist) cosplayers have all sorts of crazy hairstyles be it colour, shape, or size!

It's DIY to the max! Punk Rock is personified by the do it yourself attitude that has been inherited by cosplay culture. We are our own designers, costume creators, wig stylists, voice actors, stage performers, and social media agency. We are a one man band.

Punk is dead, long live punk

Cosplay is dead, long live cosplay

Goku cosplayer relaxing in Tokyo, dragonball x new era jump store collab
Cosplay: Son Goku (DragonBall Z) | Photo: Me and Nomes Cosplay (Taken at World Cosplay Summit 2019)

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