It was only when I truly embraced who I was that things began to change

11 years smoke free today. The first action I took to change my life and I did it by visualising the power of a Super Saiyan.

Visualising Super Saiyans to quit smoking? Cringe

Watching anime as an adult? Cringe

Using anime as fitness motivation? Cringe

Cosplaying as your favourite anime character? Cringe

Making content about this entire process? Cringe

And yet, here I am. I’ve been sober for nearly ten years, I have an amazing wife to be, I’ve been a competitive athlete, a world champion cosplayer, I’ve worked with big companies and I run my own business putting my story into actions for others to follow.

Embrace who you are. The only people calling you cringe are those who are too scared to do it for themselves.

Get in the arena my friend 👊


Super Saiyan Goku Cosplay from dragonball Z. Buff and flexing in the best transformation.
Cosplay: Son Goku
Series: DragonBall Z


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