DBZ Goku Inspired GPP Workout/WOD For Weebs

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DBZ Goku Inspired GPP Workout/WOD For Weebs

Goku is the pinnacle of fitness which is one of the reasons why so many weebs began to work out in the first place. Cosplayers and professional athletes alike; a lot of people will cite DragonBall Z and Goku or Vegeta as one of their influences.

So in today's cosplay fitness workout we go through a Goku inspired conditioning drill based on some of the shows more sensible fitness practices combined with general muscular conditioning for martial artists. Best part about this kind of training is that it can be done at home with some minor investments, meaning that it doesn't sink your time with gym travel.

This is not to replace your main training, GPP stands for 'General Physical Preparedness' and WOD stands for 'Workout of the day'. In short, it's to increase your fitness level outside of your general strength training or sports training by giving you a novel stimulus. Full workout takes at least 35 minutes depending on rest periods between rounds.

If you were to combine this with my program the Super Saiyan Six I would place it on Saturday, Tuesday is fine too if you have the recovery capacity for it.

Here's the workout:

Be More Shonen 💪 

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