Dear cosplayers: you’re probably not shadowbanned (TikTok Cosplay Drama)

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Dear cosplayers: you’re probably not shadowbanned (TikTok Cosplay Drama)

Recently I’ve seen a lot of cosplayers claim that they’re being suppressed, that the algorithm is against them, and that their profiles have been hitting a steady decline

Everyone’s has, but it’s not because we’re shadowbanned. It’s because it’s crowded.

More so than ever before, it’s hard to reach an audience organically. This first happened with Facebook, being the most popular platform it became pay to play first and is now easily the hardest place to reach an audience with break out posts being very rare.

That’s because it’s the most crowded, not because it has a flawed algorithm that shadow bans cosplayers. Soon after we started to see instagram doing pretty much the same thing. Not out of maliciousness, but because it’s more crowded. It’s harder to reach an audience.

And now we have Tiktok. An app that cosplayers may as well have owned for the past 2 years has been saturated by normies in lock-down raking in our precious reach. What was easy viral hits is now an over-saturated market in record time.

It’s not directly because algorithms hate cosplayers, it’s because it’s harder to stand out. 

So what’s the solution?

Try your best to make stand-out content. Go above and beyond, constantly take what works and discard what doesn’t, continuously improve and you’ll see those numbers start climbing again.

As I alluded go earlier; Tiktok is still currently the least crowded place out of any of the social platforms. If you’re wanting to start an audience from scratch, that’s still the best place to do it. Give it another few years and that will not be the case. It will eventually go the way of Facebook and Instagram.

The truth of the matter? If you’re good enough, nothing will stop you. I, by no means, have a super large following. But I’m not gonna blame an algorithm. Being able to consistently reach 200-1000 people and more is amazing by any standard, especially for platforms that are free

Let’s go even further beyond 💪 lets Be More Shonen

One Piece Anime Portgas D Ace Cosplay. Firefist Ace from One Piece is ripped
Cosplay: Portgas D. Ace (One Piece)

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