Eating Healthy Is Expensive! (If You Spend Your Money On Pop Vinyls)

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Eating Healthy Is Expensive! (If You Spend Your Money On Pop Vinyls)


….says the weeb that spends thousands on anime merch

Extreme example but hear me out. Eating healthy when you’re not used to it does seem expensive at first but if you look at your budget you can usually find ways of working it in. I’ve made healthy menus on just £25 a week when I was a student, these days I spend around 3 times as much because I now have the luxury to do so but my point is if you want it you’ll find a way to make it happen.

Frozen vegetables are cheap along with frozen meats, rice is a great cheap carb source and bananas are a ridiculously cheap fruit for the volume of food you get. Couple that with budget sauces/spices and you can make some nice easy meals that are healthy to boot. At that point you might even save money if you’ve also been ditching the take out.

Here's a more detailed breakdown using current UK prices:

7kg of frozen chicken: £28
2kg of rice: £2
7kg of frozen vegetables: £7
Bottle of walnut oil: £1
Bunch of bananas: £1

That's a weeks worth of chicken and rice stir fry and a banana a day as a snack. 
£39 a week for 3,138 calories, 332g protein, 351g of carbs, 43g of fibre, and 49g of fat. Even less money if you don’t eat super high protein like myself. That’s around 2 thousand a year spent on food and affordable for almost everyone.

This article isn't trying to tell people that they don't deserve nice things or that they shouldn't buy figures, not at all. But I've literally seen people say that eating healthy is expensive immediately before spending £100 on figures at an already expensive convention. It's a bizarre priority, especially when 
your health should be at the top.

Make health your priority over merch, Be More Shonen

Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku cosplayer from DragonBall Super Holding A UI Goku Figure
Cosplay: Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku (DragonBall Super)

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