Fat Burning Supplements; Is There A Real Life Mera Mera No Mi?

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Fat Burning Supplements; Is There A Real Life Mera Mera No Mi?

Do fat burning supplements work? The practical answer: no, not really.

The majority of fat burners work by increasing body temperature to increase fat burning (known as dietary induced thermogenesis) whilst simultaneously suppressing appetite. Almost all compounds that are highly/moderately effective have been pulled/banned from store shelves for being too dangerous, on the low end we have ephedrine (can kill you if you’re stupid with it) and on the high end we have DNP (can kill you even if you're smart with it).

Any compound that you can get on a store shelf these days is likely to do very little, usually containing ingredients like caffeine or some form of pepper. Pepper burns a small amount of calories in high enough amounts and caffeine can burn an extra few hundred calories a day (which I've talked about at length on previous posts) but that won't amount to anything unless everything else about your diet and training is on point.

This is why the practical answer is no, because the small difference it can make could be easily offset with one doughnut a day. It's not a good strategy to rely on fat burners or diet pills for weight loss. If you were to use fat burners I'd use them in addition to a good diet to help accelerate diet progress and rather than buy any fancy supplement, a few strong cups of coffee throughout the day will do just fine.

Maybe one day an utterly safe low risk/high reward fat burner will come into the market, but until then coffee is the closest thing to Ace's flame fruit we have when it comes to fat loss.

Burn fat the old fashioned way: A great diet, exercise, and plenty of sleep. Just like FireFist Ace! 

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Firefist ace fat burning supplement from one piece using his devil fruit
If Ace had a fat burning supplement, this is what it would look like. Cosplay: Portgas D Ace (One Piece) Photo: Nomes Cosplay

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