Fitness Isn't That Complicated: Using Anime As An Analogy

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Fitness Isn't That Complicated: Using Anime As An Analogy

Y’know when you’re just an average fan of a series, let’s say DragonBall for instance, and you see people arguing over the dumbest shit you’ve ever seen?

Is ultra instinct a form or a technique? Which characters stronger? Does Freeza have a vagina?

And sooner or later you’ll have fans who should be friends for all intents and purposes start hating on each other and complicating something that was never actually that complicated in reality

It’s exactly the same with fitness! 

Excusing serious specialist medical conditions, for the general population to get fit it isn’t that complicated. yet it’s so confusing because everyone has a body so everyone has an opinion. 

Here’s the most important things when it comes to fitness:

-Eat enough protein

-Control calories

-Eat enough vegetables & fibre

-Avoid any food intolerances you have

-Supplement what you don’t get in your diet

-Lift weights & get progressively stronger

-Live an active lifestyle

-Sleep a lot

-Avoid or limit recreational drugs


Those are the big rocks that will make up 90% of your results but you get people arguing over dumb shit like wether or not keto or intermittent fasting is the more optimal diet, whether the risk to reward ratio of the deadlift is worth it, should you train at an 8/10 effort or a 9/10 effort, the benefits of cold showers whilst mindfulness journaling, or if becoming a fruitarian is a sensible option worth considering

Focus on the basics, it’s usually all you need

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Super Saiyan Goku cosplay flexing

Cosplay: Goku
Series: DragonBall
Wig: Nomes Cosplay

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