Fitness: My All Time Favourite Game (Levelling Yourself)

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Fitness: My All Time Favourite Game (Levelling Yourself)

Fitness is my favourite game

Way back in the day before I started training seriously I'd grind for hours and hours on Pokemon to level them up. Watching all their stats rise was incredibly satisfying and also incredibly addictive.

Flash forward 15 years or what have you and I use that idea of incremental process now to improve my fitness. I imagine stat bars with strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance and each time I train a quality I record how I do.

At one point I was also hideously unbalanced with most of my stats being strength 😂 but recently I've been working very hard on my flexibility and endurance. I'm also not a complete joke when it comes to the other qualities such as callisthenics (as evidenced with the attached pic, the one armed push up requires a great deal of each quality to rep them out).

But that's also the beauty about fitness. With Pokemon and other stat based games you can max out your qualities, in fitness there's always something that can be improved. It's a game we should all start but also a game we should never finish.

Level yourself up! Be More Shonen

Son Goku cosplay from DragonBall doing one armed push ups
Cosplay: Ultra Instinct Goku (DragonBall Super) Photo by Keanu Berkeley (at Birmingham MCM Expo 2019)

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