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Both body-composition photos were taken during 2021, one is of my heaviest in February when I was 100kg and the other is my leanest in October at 88kg. 8 months apart, going from being fatter than I wanted to be and not as lean as I would have liked to be 😅 


So, what was the point of this? Here are the advantages to each 'form' (😂) 



>Eating in a bigger surplus (+500cal per day) means you're going to get the most out of your training in terms of muscle gains. So combined with an optimal program and consistent progression, strength flies up.


>You recover faster so you can train more often. More opportunities to train; more strength gains and less injuries.


>You eat more. Like, a lot more. No poverty food or 'macro friendly' cook books necessary. Shonen scran = Shonen muscles.



>Paradoxically, you look bigger when you're leaner. Muscle definition begins to show and you get to accurately assess body composition progress rather than just strength gains. Example: Look at my shoulders in both photos. In my fluffy photo my extra fat masks my capped delts.

>Generally speaking it's healthier being lean for a wide range of reasons. Not too lean mind you, there is a limit to this. But within the ranges in these photos (20% body-fat down to 12% for men) it's usually healthier to be on that lower end.


>Increased confidence. This is definitely more on the subjective side but I am way more confident when I'm lean compared to when I'm fluffy. A combination of not only societal factors but because I can actually show off my hard work and look like I have a body that trains 6 days a week.


For the average person who just wants to get in shape a big bulk and cut probably isn't necessary, and If you're a male above 20% body-fat you have no business bulking. Leaning down and training hard will be sufficient! For example my clients are all currently making progress in strength gains and losing body-fat concurrently.


However for those of us who want to push the limits of our strength and muscle mass to milk everything we're capable of, gaining body-weight is a necessity after years of training productively. Combined with training it's the most anabolic thing a natural can do!


I'd even go as far to say that staying too lean for too long has actually halted my progress for years on end. When you get to this point, don't do what I did. Gain a bit of body-weight slowly, spend the majority of your time there, and cut for the summer con season 💪



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