Getting Started With Fitness When You're A Gym-Shy Weeb

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Getting Started With Fitness When You're A Gym-Shy Weeb

How do you get started with fitness? 🔥 

You start by walking every day

Walk for ten minutes

Then twenty

Then thirty

Then go for an hour

Once you’ve gotten used to that, start walking on the treadmill at the gym

When you feel comfortable with the environment of the gym, try using the weight machines three times a week (structured, see my programs for more info)

Then once you’re confident with that, try your hand at the barbell movements at the end of your workout using an empty bar

When you’re confident that you’ve got the technique down, swap weights for barbells and start adding weight

You're now lifting 3 times a week and walking 4 times a week. You now meet the requirements for an active lifestyle that almost nobody hits! The weights fulfil the criteria for flexibility, muscular strength, and muscular endurance whilst the walking takes care of your mobility and cardiovascular fitness. Boom!

This is a very streamlined version of exactly what I did to get comfortable in the gym and become athletic! I think it’s an excellent way of going from being totally untrained to being a badass when the idea of going to the gym fills you with utter dread.

The one thing I would do differently, though it obviously isn’t mandatory, is that I would have gotten a personal trainer or an online coach to explain training and nutrition concepts to me when I first went to the gym. I think I would have progressed a lot faster if I had the ‘me’ now telling me what would work then and what would work in the future.

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