Goal Setting: Your Life Is An RPG | Life Hacks From Final Fantasy

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Goal Setting: Your Life Is An RPG | Life Hacks From Final Fantasy

Almost anybody who has ever taken a dip into personal development knows the power of goal setting, you can’t hit a target that you don’t aim at.

Yet almost everyone I speak to mess this up straight away; they set their goals (and therefore their criteria for failure) too damn high.

When you’re levelling up in a game you go up in increments. Let’s use Pokemon’s max level of 100 as an example and imagine if you only found out how well you was doing once you hit level 100. The success rate would be slim, because you wouldn’t be able to put up with the grind without some rewarding indicators of progress. Each individual level is progress that gives you a reward for your effort each time.

So why would this be any different when you’re building your own irl character?

If you’re lifting weights lifting 1 rep or 1 kg more each time is amazing progress which compounded over the course of a year will add up to a revolutionised physique. If you’re trying to lose bodyfat, 1lb lost every week would have you utterly cut given enough time. If you’re trying to increase your income and start a business, £100 extra per month every month is roughly an extra 8 grand a year.

That’s how you should be setting your goals, and that’s why games are enjoyable to play; small frequent rewards, intensives, and indicators of progress.

Except this game is your real life, give those stats some well deserved focus

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