How Gain Muscle: Get STRONGER! (IRL Lessons From Goku)

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How Gain Muscle: Get STRONGER! (IRL Lessons From Goku)

To gain muscle you have to get stronger

This is a fundamental rule for a natural trainee yet it’s easily glossed over. Did you know that tested powerlifters tend to have more muscle mass on their bodies than tested bodybuilders? There’s a few reasons why this is the case including nutritional differences but the point I want to focus on here is to do with training: powerlifters focus on progressing their weight on the big lifts as fast as possible

If you can add a rep or a small amount of weight consistently over time to the big lifts you will gain muscle. This is known as progressive overload, any other method out there ranges from being inferior to being utterly ineffective.

We can use Goku's gravity chamber as an example. He slowly works his way from 1x to 100x gravity until he's so much stronger than where he started he's totally unrecognisable from a strength stand-point.

If you get stronger over time you will get bigger. It doesn’t even have to be on a bar, if you can do 50 push ups try doing them weighted with somebody sitting on your back. Maintain that weight until you get 50 reps again, find a heavier person (lol).

Sounds ridiculous but I actually do this from time to time! Like the attached picture of me and Nomes during the underground parade at World Cosplay Summit. However, nothing can replace how easy it is to just add a pound on a barbell.

Focus on progressive overload to make gains, Be More Shonen

Goku and Gohan cosplayers from DragonBall Z doing push ups during the underground parade at world cosplay summit
Cosplays: Goku (myself) & Gohan (Nomes) from DragonBall Z (taken at World Cosplay Summit)

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