How Joseph Joestar Helped Me Accept Myself

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How Joseph Joestar Helped Me Accept Myself

Y’know when you already know somebody is about to misrepresent something you’ve said lol? Yeah, that’s why I haven’t posted this yet after months of it sitting on my computer.

You have a nature, a set of parameters that you’re born with or that you grew up with that largely determine the rules of who you are. This is where the argument of ‘free will’ constantly arrises. If you have a pre-set set of values, how much control do you really have?

What that argument always seems to miss by the other laymen himbos like me is that yeah, you have certain unavoidable parameters (sexuality, gender identification, temperament, willpower, IQ etc) but you have a massive degree of control within those parameters. But you still have to operate within those parameters. It’s like a game; you can build your character within the confines of the game, but not beyond it.

So after years of struggling to supress my lesser behaviours and fail by letting them all out at once, I took a leaf out of Jojo’s book and incorporated them into my life so that I am a more balanced and consistent person.
You can’t be ‘perfect’, you can only do your best with what you’ve got.

If you would rather watch than read:

When you first start getting into the self development world you start trying your best to ignore your lesser behaviours. And 9 times out of 10; you SHOULD ignore your lesser behaviours.

But, for example, for the sake of perfection and trying to be nice you’re constantly letting things go and you’re never fighting back when people piss you off because you’re always trying to be the better person, that is going to lead to resentment sooner or later. I know because I struggled with this for years, especially since I admire characters like Goku that let everything go over their head, laugh it all off, and generally turn the other cheek.

So if somebody REALLY made me angry on the outside I’d be laughing it off like Goku, whilst on the inside I’d be internally raging like Vegeta 😅 
You can only put up with that for so long and it makes for a really horrible cycle where you’re not as in control of your emotions as you could be, it’s not like the anger goes away. It just waits until it HAS to come out.

Enter; Joseph Joestar

He’s got a bunch of flaws that he doesn’t really apologise for. He’s friends with nazi’s, cheats on his girlfriend, is arrogant, horrible at times, but he’s still a hero with a heart of gold and he does try his best.
Although I’m never gonna cheat on my girlfriend or be friends with nazi’s, he kinda reminded me that you can have horrible traits and still be a good guy.

In psychology, there’s something known as shadow integration. It’s when you incorporate your lesser behaviours into your personality to become a more complete person by embracing your nature. And that’s my overall point. Rather than seeking perfection; incorporate your nature whilst trying to be a good person.

You’re more likely to see success that way and although some might see anything less than perfection as settling I’ve personally accepted that sometimes I will be a dickhead. Sometimes rightfully so, somethings wrongfully so, but embracing my nature beats a lifetime of resentment and pretending to be somebody I’m not.

I wish I was Jonathan Joestar honourable chad gentleman, but I am more like Joseph.

And that’s alright

Cosplay: Joseph Joestar
Series: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

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