How Many Calories Does Goku Burn? (2017 Anime GainZ)

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How Many Calories Does Goku Burn? (2017 Anime GainZ)

Just how many calories does Goku need to sustain himself and his training?

If you’d rather watch than read:

In real life, to work out your calorie expenditure before daily activity (basically, the amount of energy it takes for you to just exist) a good starting equation is your body weight in lbs times ten. According to guidebooks Goku weighs 137lbs (somehow lol) so his resting daily expenditure before taking into account activity is 1370 calories.

We then take that number and multiply it. We call this an activity multiplier. We have these following multipliers to work with:

Sedentary (desk job) + 3-6 days of weight training = 1.3-1.6 multiplier 


Lightly active + 3-6 days of weight training = 1.5-1.8 multiplier


Active + 3-6 days of weight training = 1.7-2.0 multiplier


Very active + 3-6 days of weight training = 1.9-2.2 multiplier


Goku has an active job being a farmer and he also trains every single day. So lets use the last multiplier and multiply his calories by 2.2. This means his maintenance calories are 3014. 

And now here’s the fun part, what does Goku burn during gravity training? 

On King Kai’s planet, since the gravity is ten times that of the earth that would mean for all intents and purposes Goku’s bodyweight would multiply by ten. Making his weigh 1370lbs. So before any multipliers he burns 13,700 calories just by existing. When we add an activity multiplier he burns 30,140 calories which is an utterly insane number and it’s no surprise he eats so much there regardless of the fact he’s dead.

So how much did he burn on his way to Namek?

Goku’s spaceship on his way to namek goes up to 100x earths normal gravity. Similar to last time, if we multiply his bodyweight by 100 that means he’s burning 300,140 calories. Now obviously, he wasn’t training that entire time so we can scale it back a bit. We have to work out when he was eating, sleeping, and training then deduct the calories from the total. Lets say that each day Goku took 3 40 minute lunch breaks and each night he slept for 9 hours, that would make 11 hours rest and 13 hours under the gravity training. If we take those hours away from the equation, that means that Goku can burn up to 162,575 calories whilst training, and an extra 1381 calories when resting. Meaning that depending on the intensity of his training, Goku can burn up to 163,956 calories during the day.

Pretty damn impressive right? And there’s actually a practical take away from all of this.

The more you weigh, the more calories you burn because you’ve got to haul that weight around. This is why when Goku is under gravity training he burns more calories. When we lose weight, we burn less calories because there’s less of us to move. This could be offset by wearing a weighted vest during a walk, our household chores, or whatever other activity you’d like. That way we can get the benefits of moving around an extra 20kg or so throughout the day without actually being 20kg’s heavier, and burn a significant amount more calories in the process.

Ultra Instinct Goku character Vs cosplay from Dragon Ball Super
If only we could all eat that many calories and be so ripped, right?

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