How To Easily Colour Dark Eyebrows For Cosplay

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How To Easily Colour Dark Eyebrows For Cosplay

The best way to easily colour dark eyebrows cosplay how-to tutorial
The single most effective method I've tried to hide slug brows. Takes minutes and does the trick. A few caveats: ⠀

1) Don't use this method to shape your brows, the texture doesn't sit right on the skin. I only use this to lift the colour of my dark eyebrows and nothing else⠀

2) Make sure the paint matches your wig colour pretty well or just a tad darker⠀

Hope this helps gang! #BEMORESHONEN

If you would like a visual of this in action, the video version of this tutorial is here:

Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku cosplay from DragonBall Super

Cosplay: Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku (DragonBall Super) Photo: Keanu Berkeley

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