How To Live A Full Life: The Shonen Way Of Living

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How To Live A Full Life: The Shonen Way Of Living

On May 13th 2014 I finished my 3rd & final year of University

In my 1st year I did nothing but fuck about. There was a party every night & I drank my money in pre-drink Lambrini when I couldn’t get any drugs. I quickly became the worst version of myself & when I couldn’t take it anymore I was inspired by anime & cosplay to start my fitness journey & get my act together. I grew up a lot then, which leads me to my 2nd year.

I never really exerted myself to the brink, I was feeling refreshed on a regular basis, partying 3 times a week, training hard 3-4 days a week, & getting my work done on time whilst being surrounded by great friends. When I handed in my 2nd-year final project it was my birthday week & I was drunk with zero stress. In the end, I got a 2:1. it felt balanced. I worked hard, played harder, & I really felt like I was living the life.

But that left me wondering: what could I do if I gave EVERYTHING to my degree? What if in my final year I could get a 1st?

Here’s a recipe to be miserable: stop socialising, cut out every ‘distraction’, become results-oriented, & put every pressure on yourself imaginable whilst you live & breathe a singular goal. That’s what this guy did. On my last last hand-in session I was up for 40 hours working straight through my birthday & taking caffeine in grams (people have died from less). It wasn’t healthy, but that didn’t matter. The idea that somebody like me who didn’t even get his GCSE’s could get a 1st class degree consumed me.

Sometimes life saves you from what you want

I didn’t get a 1st, I got a 2:1

It taught me a very valuable lesson

-Year 1 was devastating because I was ruining my life⠀

-Year 2 was flourishing because everything was in order & I was honest with my ability

-Year 3 was devastating because I was ruining my life (in the opposite way)⠀

If you’re not being productive at all then you know you need to get your act together, if the weight of your ambition is killing you it’s time to practice some patience. You’ve gotta create the life you actually want to live on a daily basis. That’s when you win.

That's why I admire the anime way of living be it Goku, Ace, Ichigo, or otherwise. The days are filled with equal amounts of productivity, adventure, rest, and most importantly fun. In my opinion it's the best way to live, I think that's why we escape through these stories.

Learn to live a full life. Be More Shonen.

Portgas D Ace cosplay smiling, anime fitness and well being
Cosplay: Portgas D Ace (One Piece)

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