INFALLIBLE; The Guru Problem

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INFALLIBLE; The Guru Problem

One of my concerns in posting health, wellness, and self-improvement content is the idea of coming across as ‘perfect’. Like I know all of the answers.

I’m not a Super Saiyan, I’m not even a Super Human, fuck me I’m almost not even consistently normal in my performance. And that’s actually what I want my story to be. Because I’m not special.

I want to be a symbol of what a normal person can achieve if they got out of their own way and made the decision to TRY to seek self-improvement every day.

Wether or not that goal is a lean physique, a world record, qualifying for an international cosplay competition, getting a good grade, building a social media following, or running a business; I am an example that no matter how far gone you are (I have once snorted cigarette ash before just incase I spilled drugs in it) you can improve yourself tremendously and nobody knows what the upper limits of that improvement can be over time.

It’s why Goku is the king and why I always say: “From a power level of 2 to rivalling the gods, we can do this”

Goku cosplayer from dragonball z preaching health and fitness

Cosplay: Son Goku
Series: DragonBall
Wig & Photo: Nomes Cosplay
Anime Body-Transformation Coaching

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