Intermittent fasting: Shonen cutting secret or Orochimaru brand snake oil?

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Intermittent fasting: Shonen cutting secret or Orochimaru brand snake oil?

I’ve used intermittent fasting consciously for about 7 years now.

For those that don’t know, intermittent fasting is basically choosing a specific window of time where you eat. This ‘eating window’ comes in many forms, but for me it’s 16 hours fasting and 8 hours feeding between 12pm and 8pm. This is known as 16:8 fasting and it’s the type of fasting I recommend for people who want to undertake it. This usually involves 3 meals a day within the eating window with most calories being consumed around that days workout.

Is there anything special about it?

It depends who you are!

For me it was an utter game changer. Being given a window of time to eat stops me from constantly snacking through the day by making it a rule and allows me to eat like Goku in a few meals instead of spreading my calories out throughout the day. I really value my time too, so the less cooking the better for me.

A talent I’ve never had to work at was my ability to eat lol. Being a former fat-kid and a world record holding speed-eater who likes to stay lean, for my sanity, I need to meet my Saiyan needs of large meals or I will feel miserable.

This isn’t for everyone and there’s no ‘need’ to do it. Some people get really hangry or anxious without eating breakfast. Some people also struggle to eat enough calories in a smaller eating window, so for people who struggle to gain weight I would not recommend this. People have gotten lean and built muscle in many different ways, calories and protein are always the priority but everything else should be individualised. Intermittent fasting is simply a diet structure that allows you to eat less meals with bigger portions.

It might not be magic, but for those with a Saiyan appetite & a human metabolism intermittent fasting could be a life changer 💪 

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Topless Goku cosplay from Dragon Ball Z
Cosplay: Son Goku | Series: DragonBall Z

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