Is 3D Printing In Cosplay Contests Legit?

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Is 3D Printing In Cosplay Contests Legit?

For some the answer should be obvious but as the question continues to come up it’s time to address this.

TL;DR: YES 3D printing for cosplay contests is legit!

It’s not as simple as hitting print and then a prop appears. Before all else the printer has to be calibrated then the item has to be modelled, sanded, and painted before it looks even half way decent and believe me, if you’ve seen badly finished 3D prints you know that this is one hell of a skill.

So then why is there such controversy surrounding 3D printing? Here’s a few reasons

-It’s a relatively new technology in the sense that it’s becoming more and more accessible

-Because it’s still seen as a niche method of design in cosplay land people have the misconception that you just hit print and the item appears

-Some people do steal the models of others, re-print them, and claim the work as their own

With these 3 points in mind I’ve come to the conclusion that the overarching reason some judges look down on 3D printing is simply because they don’t understand it.

With time this will change. As these methods become more and more popular the status quo will redefine a judges perspective.

But until then at least you know that ya boi appreciates a good 3D print and you’ll never get a penalty from me 💪 As always, be sure to check the rules of your specific contest as they do vary.

That's all for now friends, Be More Shonen

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