It's In Your Nature To Be The Hero

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It's In Your Nature To Be The Hero

The dreams of children

When children are surveyed on what they want to be when they grow up, the overwhelming answer is that they ‘don’t know’ 

The other three answers are:

1.A doctor

2.A superhero 

3.A vet

What do all three of these things have in common? You got it, they’re heroes.

Generally speaking, it is in our nature to want to help. I feel like as we get older this gets forgotten as some kind of naive dream. 

“There’s no point in anything so I won’t even try”

“What’s the point of being nice if everyone else is horrible”

“I’m just cursed, why should anyone else be happy?”

These are all common things I’ve heard people say, but quite frankly I believe they are a convenient lie that people tell themselves so they don’t have to take any responsibility for themselves or those around them.

There may not be an inherent point to anything, but maybe there is. Maybe there’s a reason why kids generally want to help others. Maybe you’ve just forgotten it.

Most people are good people. Despite political views, outdated social practices, or ill-thought out snide comments most people generally trying to do their best.

If you feel cursed, then you surely wouldn’t want to wish that on anyone else. That’s what a hero does, they protect people from what they themselves had to go through and help those unfortunate to suffer through it.

That doesn’t mean we should all be happy clappy hippies and put our heads in the sand. Superheroes don’t do that.

Goku beats the shit out of anyone who threatens his values

Jotaro beats the shit out of anyone who threatens his values

Luffy beats the shit out of anyone who threatens his values

Being a good person doesn’t make you weak, ignoring your genuine impulses to do good out of your own fear of failure and inadequacy does. 

Be the hero you were meant to be


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