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Remember when Jojo drank the cola?

I really do think there's no point in talking about nutrition at times. I assume people know the basics. But then I see some absolutely smooth-brained take that gets me so irate that I need to re-package the same content again.

If you'd rather watch the cliff-notes than read:

Here's the deal; unless you have a medical condition in which case I have no place talking over your Doctor, sugar isn't that big of a deal as long as calories are controlled. In fact, in can even boost your energy pre-workout and amplify your recovery post-workout.

But it has to be within your calorie allotment and not taking up space in your diet for anything vital. If drinking 6 cans of coca-cola prevents you from getting in your protein, micro-nutrients, and vitamins then obviously you need to do something about that. If you're not feeling satisfied from your food because you eat nothing but whey protein and haribo, then obviously you need to do something about that too.

But a sensible diet that meets all your calorie, macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fibre counts won't go to shit if you eat a bit of sugar. It's not how this works.

Besides, why wouldn't you want to taste sugar again lol? What kind of life is that? Even diets like Paleo and Keto try to make zero sugar junk food to emulate the taste of sugar.

Spare yourself the trouble and incorporate a bit of the good stuff into a balanced lifestyle 💪 


Joseph Joestar Cosplay Drinking Cola

Cosplay: Joseph Joestar
Series: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

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