Lessons From Goku On Holiday Over-Eating

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Lessons From Goku On Holiday Over-Eating

How to avoid over-eating during the holidays: you don’t

If you would rather watch than read:

You’re going to see some stupid influencer tell you that you shouldn’t indulge during this holiday season.

What that influencer is doing is setting you up to fail.

Because what these influencers don’t realise is that if you’re overweight: you happen to enjoy food (as do I!). By telling people that they should never indulge, that they should never have a cookie, and that they should never have Christmas Dinner they set a bar that is unreasonably high for somebody to stick to, especially if they love food to begin with.

If you love food, why would being told to never indulge appeal to you? Why would that sacrifice for ‘health’ be worth it to you?

In the end, what you eat on an individual day doesn’t matter. It’s how you eat every other day of the year that matters. Your habitual habits matter more than entering a calorie surplus a couple of days a month.

Birthdays and holidays are moments that are meant to be celebrated and (within reason) you should feel free to enjoy yourself, it doesn’t take away from your good habits from the rest of the year.

Nobody on their death bed has ever said ‘I wish I ate more clean at Christmas’ so take a leaf out of Goku’s book this holiday season; enjoy your food and have a fantastic new year


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