Lessons From Protagonists: Doing What You NEED To Do

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Lessons From Protagonists: Doing What You NEED To Do

Out of all the fictional characters that I admire the most the one trait that they have amongst them all is that they all do what they have to. Doesn't matter if it's somebody as friendly as Goku or as grumpy as Solid Snake, these characters are willing to sacrifice what they'd like to do for what they have to do.

It’s a trait that’s definitely worth developing because it can be applied to anything in life.

When I quit smoking I looked up all the steps that successful quitters had took.

What I wanted; hypnotherapy, nicotine patches, and an easy time.

What worked; going cold turkey, positive re-enforcement, and a tough time.

When I first got in shape, I did the same thing.

What I wanted; workouts from home with no equipment that could put on slabs of muscle in a few months without altering my diet.

What worked; progressive overload in the gym on a proper routine with patience, consistency, and tracking my food.

Similar breakdowns exist for my success in my degree, cosplay and business. 
What you want right now is a fleeting feeling and often times just a distraction from what you really need to do.

So get up and go, stop procrastinating and do what you need to do. Be More Shonen.

Solid Snake Cosplay From Metal Gear Solid - Shadow Moses
Cosplay: Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)

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