Let The 1st Impulse Pass (Dieting For Impulsive Weebs)

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Let The 1st Impulse Pass (Dieting For Impulsive Weebs)

“Ooo cookie!”

“Ooo cake!”

“Ooo pie!”

“Ooo pancakes!”

Or whatever else we immediately shove in our mouths. Too often, especially with food, we follow our first impulse. In this case it's the see food diet.

The second thought in these instances is ‘ahhh why did I eat all of that?’. That feeling of immediate regret when you blow an entire week of dieting by eating a box of cereal (only me? Heh)

However if we had just waited for that first impulse to pass, we could of bypassed that completely. By delaying gratification our second thoughts would be replaced by a second impulse I like to call the ‘I want to be ripped’ impulse

This is what makes the difference between a successful or unsuccessful diet. If getting lean required no will-power from time to time we’d all be walking around shredded.

Let that first impulse pass, wait for the second.

A quote from Baltasar Gracias

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