MOMENTUM: Positive & Negative | Habits With A Jojo Reference

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MOMENTUM: Positive & Negative | Habits With A Jojo Reference

Goku built his strength by making himself just a little bit stronger each day, by maintaining that momentum he never lost his strength & got to the point where he could rival gods

Jotaro built his strength my making himself just a little bit stronger each day in a series of consecutive hard battles, but he also lost a lot of it by neglecting to train his stand during peace time

The amount of people I know who got a great physique and now don’t look like they ever lifted, the amount of people who had quit smoking until they didn’t, & the amount of people who got healthy just to lose it again, could fill a graveyard

Like a tidied room, you’ve got to keep your shit together once you’ve got it together

This seems so obvious but almost everyone I know who’s ever lost weight gained it back within a few years. Science backs this up too, most diets statistically speaking don’t work long term. Not because there’s necessarily anything wrong with diets, but because people can build up negative momentum so fast. This stat is similar for businesses too: most of them fail within the first 5 years

Thankfully positive momentum works largely the same way. The problem is that it’s not immediately rewarding. It takes hours of grinding with the diet or gym to see almost unobservable subtle progress. Working your butt off for 1% improvement is hard to commit to, but it compounds into enormous long term benefits. This isn’t just reserved to losing weight but learning a language, quitting smoking, building a side business etc.

If you commit to small consistent improvement on a regular basis you won’t go backwards & will be more likely to press on. That’s why all these productivity, dieting, & language learning apps gamify the process with winning streaks, experience points, & positive support. Commit to just 1% improvement each day to maintain that positive momentum.

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Jojos Bizarre adventure part 6 Jotaro cosplay
Cosplay: Jotaro Kujo (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6)

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