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I think it’s easy to forget that most people aren’t dumb-ass filler villains trying to make the world worse

-A study using Reddit showed that 75% of the conflicts instigated on the website was done by 1% of its users

-Records indicate 1% of people are convicted of 63% of crimes

-A new study shows 5%-20% people are responsible for the majority of racist acts

Thanks to the negativity bias we assume that this minority has to represent the majority when research shows otherwise. Most people are good people that easily get sucked into negativity or dumb arguments instigated by the 1%. Have you ever noticed that the majority of your arguments happen to be online? That’s the negativity bias in action.

I’ve always been a big advocate of intentional social media use and limiting your exposure to the 1% of people that are actively trying to make shit worse. By limiting your exposure to these voices it creates a much more accurate (and happier) depiction of how life really is.

The silent majority of people are good honest people. Just like you.

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mastered Ultra instinct Goku cosplay
Cosplay: Ultra Instinct Son Goku (DragonBall Super) Photo: Jamie Flack (Taken at Viencon)

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