My Fat Loss Protocol For Rapid Weight Loss

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My Fat Loss Protocol For Rapid Weight Loss

Anime inspired fat loss protocol for rapid weight loss

This strategy can be done by almost anyone and reaps major results. I don’t make outlandish claims unless I can back them up, with these tactics you’re looking at double the weight loss compared to a standard calorie controlled diet.

Break down of each point using me as an example:

1.General calorie deficit

-My maintenance calories are: 2,500 

-The calories in a pound of fat: 3,500

-500 calorie deficit: 1 pound of fat loss a week

2. Extremely high protein diet

-Burns off a third of the protein calories with digestion (300cal for me)

-High protein also helps you retain muscle on a diet and if you care about aesthetics this is what you want.

-It’s also really really filling, makes it easier to avoid cheating on dem dirty foods (an easy way for me to do this is to eat a kg of meat)

3. Eat a kg of fruits and vegetables

-Covers your nutritional bases

-If you reach those fibre numbers your body will burn an extra 60-90 calories through thermogenesis

4. Eat 2-3 times a day.

-Ending snacking makes it easier to track your calories

-Takes 60 seconds a time to track your calories this way. Ie. No time at all.

-Eating at the same time helps with habit formation and circadian rhythm

5. Weight training 

-Maintains muscle on a diet

-Helps you look more athletic over emaciated

-Having more muscle mass burns more calories at rest than it’s equivalent in fat mass

If you can’t get to the gym do callisthenics instead

6. Time your carbs around training

-Carbs are more likely to be burned off as heat energy or stored as glycogen after exercise

7. High Caffeine 

-I have the hardest time recommending this one. Be careful.

- CAUTION. Start on a low dose (50mg) if you’re considering this and then work your way up 

-Due to its stimulatory effect you can burn an extra 100-200 calories a day at the higher end.

-Because of the way it interferes with sleep it’s a good idea to stop 6 hours before bed-time

8. Increase activity

-Walking 10,000 steps in a day if you aren’t already is an easy way to keep you active.

-This burns an extra 140 calories for me

9. Chew gum all day

-Burns 11 calories an hour which can add up to 110-140 calories a day

-Can stimulate hunger in some people so keep this in mind

In conclusion:

So for me my additional calorie deficit outside of food restriction is up to 870. This number is hypothetical and the sceptic in me tells me it shouldn’t be that high, so I round down to 500 to ensure it’s realistic. That's DOUBLE my rate of weight loss using these strategies and with a hell of a lot of food volume so you can still eat like a Saiyan.

Some might find these strategies hard to stick to from an adherence and cost perspective. Eating a lot of protein and fibre can get expensive quick alongside chewing a ton of gum. It's best to implement the strategies that you can realistically stick to long term. 

I hope you found this useful folks, and as always: Be More Shonen

Super Saiyan Son Goku cosplay from DragonBall Z topless and flexingCosplay: Son Goku (DragonBall Z)

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